Sis, Get Your Shit Together With


Whaddup, Boo! My name is Cici.B (but most people just call me, B), I'm an 11x author and your internet Big Bis :)

I've built this community for the women who have decided they have sat in their shit long enough and are done; they're ready to unlearn, heal, learn, grow, and elevate into the best version of themselves. This community is for the women who have made the decision to invest in themselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and are ready to let go of all of the excuses that once held them back from living their best lives, and grab on to all of the solutions out there just waiting for them. 

This is also a community for women who like to laugh 'cause we got jokes (it can't be all work and no fun, come on now), and who aren't sensitive to cuss words 'cause, chile... I cuss, and I don't apologize for it, okay? 

Along with community, the membership gives you access to my Podcast, my Ask B advice column, a library of mini pep- talks (audio), and a member forum where you can start and join discussions, and request topics you would like me to discuss as well. 

Soooo, if this community sounds like it's for you, then come on iiinnnn


Click here to choose your pricing plan and I'll see ya on the other side :)

Much love!